It’s funny how the one who you “love” more
is the one you push away so much.

And that poor weed that you just finished stepping on
will never get the chance to bloom into the orchid
that you would fall in love with.

As she struggles alone to find a meaning within herself
the harshness of voice tries to cut at her leaves.

And even though that little bud only needed you to understand
without you, she will flourish into something greater that you could ever aspire to be.

So, don’t worry about me.
One day, once you pushed me to the point where I won’t recognize you anymore
just maybe
you’ll realize that I WAS good enough
and all you had to do was love me enough to see it.

Sara Osorio



Ok, so sometimes I fight.
sometimes, I don’t care
sometimes, I ignore you
sometimes, I’m not there
sometimes, I just want to have fun
sometimes, I just need my space
sometimes, I don’t follow my own rules
sometimes, I don’t hug you
sometimes, I don’t show you

Sometimes, you’re annoying
sometimes, you ignore me
sometimes, you don’t hug me
sometimes, you disappear
sometimes, you don’t talk to me
sometimes, you need to be a man.

Sometimes, I miss you
sometimes, I look for you
sometimes, I wait for you
sometimes, I need you

Always, I love you

Sara Osorio

The Wolf and The Lamb

The wolf, she stalks
with a hungry sneer in her eyes.
The lamb quietly smiles a greeting
shy beneath her black eyes.
The wolf plots her clever scheme
sharpening her teeth for the new snack.
The lamb, she cries
as a naive deer dries her eyes.
The wolf and the lamb
both in the barn?
The lamb disappears
never to come back

The farmer mourns the death of his lamb
and all he’s got now, are that wolf’s
black, shy eyes.

-Sara Osorio

Day 10. A book that made you cry.

As sappy as it sounds, I cried while reading John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men.


I cried when George shoots Lenny. I think this is one of the few assigned books I actually read in school (that we didn’t read out loud in class).

*I know I haven’t been consistent and punctual with this challenge and I apologize if anyone was actually following it. Life gets in the way of things sometimes.