It’s funny how the one who you “love” more
is the one you push away so much.

And that poor weed that you just finished stepping on
will never get the chance to bloom into the orchid
that you would fall in love with.

As she struggles alone to find a meaning within herself
the harshness of voice tries to cut at her leaves.

And even though that little bud only needed you to understand
without you, she will flourish into something greater that you could ever aspire to be.

So, don’t worry about me.
One day, once you pushed me to the point where I won’t recognize you anymore
just maybe
you’ll realize that I WAS good enough
and all you had to do was love me enough to see it.

Sara Osorio



Ok, so sometimes I fight.
sometimes, I don’t care
sometimes, I ignore you
sometimes, I’m not there
sometimes, I just want to have fun
sometimes, I just need my space
sometimes, I don’t follow my own rules
sometimes, I don’t hug you
sometimes, I don’t show you

Sometimes, you’re annoying
sometimes, you ignore me
sometimes, you don’t hug me
sometimes, you disappear
sometimes, you don’t talk to me
sometimes, you need to be a man.

Sometimes, I miss you
sometimes, I look for you
sometimes, I wait for you
sometimes, I need you

Always, I love you

Sara Osorio

Reasons To Live by Auguste Charlemange Jr.

Many people have reasons
Reasons why to be on Earth
These reasons maybe personal
It Maybe family or just friends
For most, their reason
Would be God

If you are looking
For reasons
Reasons to live
Take me for example
If it wasn’t for my friends
I would have been
Long gone by now

They showed me
That I should not
Let my problems affect my grades
They helped me
Realize what support felt like
Most importantly they gave
The best reason needed to live

Due to the fact
That they are
True friends
Each one does their part
To keep me alive

Sorry I can’t explain just to talk about it causes me to breakdown…..

Auguste Charlemange Jr.